24 October 2009

I am bee,..

.. busy bee

Adik usrah k'Shee once request k'shee write some updates, what i've been up to.. here it come.

Tapi k'shee sebolehnya nak elak this blog from turning into any typical diary..

Why I am not going to write long about myself;

1) People reading tapi langsung tak menambah iman mereka! What a waste.
(wah, extreme nye k'shee!)

2) I have about 100+ CHE315 engineering reports needed to be marked

3) I have 3 set of test need to be marked : test and quizzes for CHE175 Engineering physics, test for CHE304 reaction engineering and another set of test for CHE314 instrumentation and control subject . All needed to be marked within this week.

4) My portfolio was chosen to be audited by Quality Unit. Sunday will be the day.

Conclusion: Less time more work.

When, my younger bro said once that I am too old-fashioned for not having own FB, my reply would be: I have no playful time, indeed. If i were given more extra time, I want to go and visit my old friends, going out and have dinner with my adik-adik usrah, do some sports with my kakak-kakak usrah and ect. Definitely not FB!

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Anonymous said...

salam perkenalan…
teruskan bermain dgn kata2