27 August 2009

I am not punishing them..

but i'm trying to nurture them,

by telling what's good and bad.

Last Wednesday, k'shee had arrange a periodic quiz on subject basic instrumentation and control for my 32 final semester students. That day was the fifth day of fasting. The day before, k'shee had 5 hours lecture thus Wednesday of having one hour tutorial by just giving them a quiz would be my 'day-off' during fasting season.

Started with 5 minutes briefing about the quiz, asking them to sit in according exam-mood manner and ensuing them to keep all the notes away, k'shee expecting their first quiz on critically-thinking subject would run smooth and sound until k'shee spotted this one student is trying to peep through his peer's answer. K'shee just called out his name to warn him (and his other friends) that k'shee was aware of his bad attempt-MENIRU!. While waiting, I read a book from Abu' Al- 'Ala Maududi entitled "Islam and The World".

However, about 10 minutes after they have started their quiz, k'shee had spotted another male student peeping through something form his peer's answer whom sat next to him. At first k'shee thought that he was copying his friend's answer until k'shee approaching both of them and found out that there was a piece of paper written with notes all over it hidden under answer sheet. It's really pissed me off. K'shee grabbed the notes in sudden without saying any words. but giving them a killing look. They were shock and surprise. I let them answer the rest of the question with anger filing up my head and heart. All I can do at that time was Istigfar, trying to cool down my tempertature. I was so frustrated. Very frustrated with their action.

They finished the quiz within half an hour. Then, the whole class enjoying my 'lecture' of the day.

Imam al-Ghazali pernah berkata: “Berapa banyak orang yang berpuasa, namun ia tidak mendapatkan dari puasanya itu selain lapar dan haus. Sebab, hakikat puasa itu adalah menahan hawa nafsu, bukanlah sekedar menahan lapar dan haus. Boleh jadi orang tersebut memandang yang haram, Ghibah dan berdusta. Maka yang demikian itu membatalkan hakikat puasa.” Jadi adalah menjadi hak Allah untuk mengganjari ummatnya dengan seberapa banyak pahala bergantung dengan kualiti puasa mereka.

"Same goes to here. All of you are doing quiz today. But who knows, many of your are trying harder to score high yet not trying to cheating or copying answer from any notes but some of you are thinking of getting high marks by cheating and copying others. However at the end, it is MY RigHT as your lecturer and examiner to give you how much marks you deserve. You may answer all questions but getting ZERO marks as you had not abide by the rules thus the principle of sitting for quizzes are gone when all what you are trying to do is cheating!"

k'shee left the class with anger yet i am still being able to control it. Hoping for not hating the student but hate the action made by them. K'shee let my officemate knows about this. She explained that the same student tried to do the same thing during her first test long time ago and what she did to him was she tore the cheating notes into pieces in front of everyone and chase the student out of the test's hour.

K'shee told her that, i'm trying not to punish them but nurturing them what's bad and good. I will later decide how much marks will be allocated for them.

Later the day, k'shee received a text message asking for forgiveness, and note saying : " please gave me zero marks for quiz if it's were to sooth your heart"

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Noraini Anuar said...

ermmm...kesian pulak kt budak ni kalu akak bg kosong..hehehe