19 September 2009

The end? Or Just Started?

Takbir and tahmid fill up the air bring up the mood of Eid celebration. It marks the end of the blessed month of Ramadhan. Its beautiful days and fragrant night had passed. We leave the month of mercy and forgiveness behind. Are we going to 'enjoy' Ramadhan blessing month one more time next year? No one knows.

What we have gained?

Muslim with high self-reflect with truthfulness raise so many questions and so many thoughts of whether have they fulfilled the requirement of taqwa as mentioned by The Merciful God in al:Baqarah verse 184. Have they performed 'ibadah in a way that fulfill the condition of receiving mercy and forgiveness.

Ramadhan is a school for me to strengthening my inner faith (iman), a big opportunity to recharge my spiritual battery and a very strong platform to acquire provision for the rest of the year.
May the blessed month of Ramadhan be the true school of transformation in which train my inner self to change my action, habits and manner that are in variance with the Law of Allah, amin. And I keep praying that the change bring me closer to Him because signs for one deed's been accepted that one have improved their obedience to Allah. (Please God choose me to be one).

It's not the end. It has just begun.If I could stand in prayer at night during Ramadhan, then there remains voluntary night prayer throughout the year.

If I am willingly giving away charity and sadaqah during the blessed month of Ramadhan, there are many other doors to charity and sadaqah still remain open.

If reading Quran and all the works of trying to understand it could be done during Ramadhan meaning it could be done at all time.

Showing forgiveness and compassion to people started during Ramadhan month and it does not end with the end of Ramadhan but this righteous action is to be exercise at all time on the basis of knowing Allah is the most forgiving and companionate and Allah loves all who are forgiving and companionate.

I ask Allah to accept from me my fasting, my prayers and my righteous action, pray that my condition after Ramadhan be a better one, the state of humanity improve, hardly pray that I am granted honor and that I am truly submit myself to my one and only LORD.

Night of 1 Syawaal 1430 H
Besut, Terengganu

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