26 September 2009

More to do..than write

I want to write, about..

1- Eid 1430H with full of memories : I have met faces that I haven't see for ages..some have changed (a lot) yet some 'speak with the same slang' as they used to speak 5 years ago.

2- Why i quit my previous the-so-called-good payment-job. The question that my student keep on asking me on. The same question asked when people come to know that I am teaching, now. I rather put myself as educator instead.

3- Why Dungun not elsewhere? My decision to stay in Dungun is firm even before I decided to return to Malaysia. Apart from cost of living is higher than KL in here, I have no regret with my decision.

However I have more things to do at the moment.

1- Evalution on my teaching is scheduled this week (or maybe next week). I choose my evalutor to come to my lecture hours at any moment they prefer, without informing me earlier (errr..wrong choice?). Therefore, I need more preparation!

2- MQA is coming to evaluate our faculty teaching standard. More auditing work to do.

3- Final year student to finish final year project within 4 weeks time. I am final year project coordinator!. Lab works+ analysis experiment and rescheduling project presentation.

4- Process Control laboratory session in Shah Alam need new schedule, equals to more paper work!

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